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Rodents and Rats Control

Rodents and Rats Control

Rodents includes  Norway rat, Roof Rat, House mice

Scope of work:

  • Effective one time treatment for pest control which are safe for the tenants, residents or employees.
  • Customized service for commercial areas with biyearly or yearly contract.


Rodents are most dangerous to people as they can create a structural loss, property loss as well as they can contaminate food. They can eat on through your electric cables, Internet cable, cardboards, and even the plants. Rodents contaminate the water tanks. The droppings, urine, and fur carry the disease causing vectors. They can enter into your facility by squeezing their body to the holes size. The ill maintained drainage, open Gutters and holes in a building are the entry point for the rodents

Method of treatment:

Technical Team of UPCS will take up a survey in your facility to determine the active rodent infestation, type of rodents, their entry point, problems caused by it, present condition and so on. Based on these factors, we will develop the treatment plan and quote the price. Bait station in the premises, Glue boards and Trap are the method adopted by us to control the rodents.

Follow up visit:

A follow-up visit will be carried out after two weeks of the treatment to ensure the treatment is effective, and if infestation exists another treatment will be carryout to ensure that all pests are died.

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